Home Appraisal and Property Appraisal in CT 

At IMA, we offer our clients 25 years of real estate appraisal experience in CT. 

We offer the following Real Estate Appraisal services in CT:

Purchase and Sale of Home or Property
Financing, Refinancing and Lending
Property Tax Appeal 
Estate Planning and Settlement
Home Appraisal Review Services
FHA Requirements
“For Sale by Owner” of Home or Property
Expert Testimony
Pre-Sale/Home Renovation Advice
PMI Removal

We provide quality reporting and excellent turn-around time.  Our valuations are accurate, based upon our vast experience in managing the ups and downs of the CT real estate market in the counties of Hartford, Tolland, New London, Windham and Middlesex.  Learn more about Home Appraisal and Property Appraisal at IMA Appraisal Services here.

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All major credit cards accepted