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Real Estate Valuation Services in Connecticut
Real Estate Valuation Services in Connecticut
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Home Appraisal Hebron Ct

Home Appraisal Hebron Ct

5 Common Pitfalls That Ruin Appraisal Value For Hebron, CT Residents

Whether you are attempting to sell your existing residence or you are looking to purchase a new one, appraisal is a very important factor to consider for all Hebron, CT residents and while there are some who may believe that they do not have to consider the following factors, those who do not are dooming their appraisal to failure before a Hebron, CT firm has even arrived.

That's why you need to read on and learn more about the five most common areas of the home that cause an appraisal to go awry for Hebron, CT home sellers and buyers. Take a moment to check out the following information so that you can avoid a difficult decision making process

Poor Paint Job

Once paint has begun to peel away, this makes the prospect of receiving a desirable appraisal all the more challenging. There is also a good chance that older homes with peeling paint are also infected with lead poisoning and this is something that both sides of the purchasing equation are going to need to consider. If the house is full of paint chips and the paint job has clearly seen better days, don't make the mistake of assuming that an appraiser will take kindly to this.

The Presence of Security Bars

Security bars are not quite the positive that you think they are. For starters, they are indicative of the fact that the house is located in a dangerous neighborhood and kill appraisal values no matter whether you are buying or selling. Secondly, they impede a person's ability to get out of the house should a fire start to take place. If you wish to have a home that is equipped with security bars and maintain the resale value, they need to come with a quick release mechanism.

Faulty Electrical Outlets

If you thought that you could sneak your faulty electrical outlets past the appraisal provider who is responsible for taking a closer look at your Hebron, CT property, think again. They are required to examine at least one of the outlets in each room in most instances and a particularly thorough inspection will involve taking a closer look at all of them. Take the time and effort to fix any faulty outlets before asking for an appraisal.

The Roof's Structural Integrity

Surely you didn't think that the appraisal would come without a closer inspection of the roof, now did you? The home's roof is arguably its most important component and if it is not structurally sound, it is going to lead to a much lower valuation than you might have expected. As for those on the other end of the bargaining table, this is something you're also going to want to consider.

Dark and Wet Areas

A crawlspace or a basement that is wet is a breeding ground for all sorts of issues. Pests and rodents love to reside in these areas and even if you do not have any unwanted guests, you are also at a much greater risk for the development of mold. You may need to fix these areas before receiving proper value for your home.


Home Appraisal Hebron Ct
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